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 TheMafiaWarz a Free Online Massive Multiplayer Game

Since October of 2007 we have been developing a new style of game play based on what the gamers want. Our mission to Set new records and milestones along the way and make our mark on the gaming world.
Introducing new concepts and leaving the old models behind with a constant, fresh and ever changing style of game play.

With over 8000 users registered, we are proving a force to be reckoned with and with more joining each round are certainly making an impact on the other wise dominated genre of online mafia games.

"We have been working hard and it seems to be paying off. Like us ,a lot of gamers were disgruntled users of other sites. Well established and with internal monopolies or poorly run clones exactly the same as each other. So,we decided to set out on our own and create a new site. We take feedback very seriously and the result is a game that gamers have themselves helped to create. I think that will be key in our success " - Vinnie

With some cool features packaged together such as forums, live chat, family banks, turn banks not to mention a dedicated team, it seems THEMAFIAWARZ.EU is here to stay.

And some amazing new Developments planned such as an external Social Mafioso & Resource site, New exciting Business options and stunning graphical enhancements to name a few.
For a mafia game and a free online experience The Mafia Warz is the only place to be.

The Mafia Warz

Making an impact on the FREE Online MMORPG & RPG worlds

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